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International Gold Agency is a specialist business based in Dorset UK that assists clients looking to protect their capital with the unique Gold CombiBars. Successful investing is about the diversification and management of risk. It makes sense to have a part of your wealth invested in gold. After years of falling prices, 2016 has seen some spectacular gains for gold mining stocks, but it’s not too late to buy. We offer this product with a service that ensures security and privacy.




CombiBars are a unique investment product manufactured with accurate predetermined breaking points that can be separated easily without any loss of material.




These CombiBars are composed of 999.9 fine gold, which is the equivalent of 24 karat purity, and is the highest purity regularly seen in the bullion market. The unique advantage of these CombiBars is that they can be broken down into fifty 1–gram pieces, providing excellent divisibility in the case of a true financial crisis where gold may need to be used for barter or trade. The advantage of buying this type of bar as against regular bullion bars or bullion coins is in the price, resale and flexibilty as they can split into the desired parts and easly stored in a safe or deposit box.

  • Bars are supplied in a protective, sealed case with an assay card from Valcambi.
  • Contains a total of 50 Grams (1.608 oz) of 999.9 pure gold.
  • Utilizes patented CombiBar technology.
  • Divisible into 50 individual bars weighing 1 Gram.

Minted at Valcambi in Switzerland, these bars come from a prestigious mint that is rich in history. Founded in 1961, the mint has more than 50 years experience in minting precious metals. The company is currently headquartered in Balerna, Switzerland.





Orders taken by phone or Email and confirmed by Email. Payment made Bank to Bank with business banks details sent to clients by post for joint overall security. Orders delivered on cleared funds and confirmed by Email.

Multi currency payments are accepted and processed by American Express Foreign Exchange Service.


American Express



Fully insured delivery to secure storage valults, deposit box or to a required private address is offered.







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