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International Gold Agency is a specialist UK based business assisting UK and Overseas clients looking to protect their capital with Gold.


Gold Bullion


Successful investing is about the diversification and management of risk. It makes sense to have a part of your wealth invested in gold. After years of falling prices, 2016 has seen some spectacular gains for gold mining stocks, but it’s not too late to buy in.

Forget about central banks not having a plan, investors will come to realise they haven’t got a clue.

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? here’s is how we can help clients to buy gold with these two options.


Gold Bars


CombiBars™ are a unique investment product that consists of a robust composite of 50 x 1g Gold Bars.


Gold Bars


The single 1g/10g bars are manufactured with accurate predetermined breaking points and therefore can be separated easily without any loss of material.

The advantage of buying large quantities of regular small 1g bars versus one large bar are in price, flexibility and storage as they can easily be placed in a safe or deposit box. Instead of buying regular bullion bars or bullion coins the advantage is that resale procedures are much easier and flexible as they can split into the desired parts. The Purity of the gold is 99,99%.

The bars are are supplied and purchased from a bank regulated by the International Financial Authority (IFSA) that adheres to the strict privacy laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The bank is a registered agent with the Perth Mint that is wholly owned by the Western Australian Government and audited regularly (triple A rated). . For the latest gold price please click here.


Gold Coins


1 oz Gold Britannia Coin

Offering high flexibility in a relatively small unit size, the gold Britannia is favoured by investors looking to benefit from its Capital Gains Tax exempt status. The one ounce gold Britannia is the most cost-effective way to invest in British tax free gold coins.



Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Manufacturer: The Royal Mint
Tax status: VAT free and CGT exempt
Pure gold content: 31.104 grams
Fineness: 999.9 (24 carat)


Gold Sovereign

The sovereign is one of the most popular and recognisable gold coins in the world. The gold sovereign appeals to investors of all sizes looking to benefit from their compact unit size and Capital Gains Tax exemption.



Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Manufacturer: The Royal Mint
Tax status: VAT free and CGT exempt
Pure gold content: 7.322 grams
Fineness: 0.917 (22 carat)


Ordering: Delivery: Storage

Orders will be dispatched when cleared funds are received. All funds relating to a purchace are placed with Lloyds Bank Bournemouth Dorset UK.

Parcels are dispatched in secure, discreet and unbranded packaging. All orders are fully insured for the value of the contents. IGAgency offer clients the option of a secure and fully insured storage solution from only £15 per month. An allocated storage account allows clients to securely store their gold in vaults with Brink’s. Clients gold will be placed in secure storage in approved vaults managed by Brink’s, an industry leader who have been successfully safeguarding valuables for over 150 years in more than 110 countries across the globe. Whilst in secure storage all bullion will be held in the name of the account holder.






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